About the Journal

The journal publishes essays on theoretical and practical topics concerning the scientific-disciplinary area of ​​graphic representation: theory of representation, geometry, history of representation history, visual communication, graphic semiology, infographics, graphics, modeling, project design, architectural and urban survey, cartography, innovation, experimentation, applied research, teaching of the disciplines of the cultural area.

In each issue there are also the headings: "Editorial"; "Cover", an important contribution or an interview; "Image", that is a drawing or a graph, commented by a scholar; "Readings/Re-readings", parts of books that have been or are particularly relevant for the cultural area; "The UID library", that is a showcase of editorial reports; "Events", critical readings of conferences/seminars/workshops carried out for local initiatives.

One of the two annual issues, largely on a specific but fairly broad theme, is written after an explicit call open to all.

The other issue, instead, is mainly dedicated to a reflection on the themes of the last annual UID Conference. 

The journal have not article processing and submission charges.