On Drawing and Landscape

  • Franco Zagari Università degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria


On the borderline between the disciplines of drawing and landscape design there is a terrain vague with interesting intersections which, in my opinion, should be examined. This is an issue that for me, at least, is more sensitive, today, now that I deal more with these problems in my dear old niche of a studio, that is, the artisan workshop I started out in. I am pleased to mention these intersections on this occasion, in which you give me the honor of introducing such a highly qualified assembly of authors. I believe that between the terms “landscape” and “drawing” we can recognize affinities in the meanings related to the projectual actions that we perform in the transformation of the territory. It is little less than a flash between imagination and reality that is established between these two concepts in comparing them, but at times that flash is enough to produce spectacular effects and to give birth to profound novelties in our vision of the habitat. Both landscape and drawing have, in fact, a common dependency on Vitruvius in their char- ter of values and vocations, with similar approaches to the diagnosis and interpretation of the contexts in which they operate, as both are sciences of relations, much less objective than those of architecture and urban planning. (read more)

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